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2022 Starting Off Strong

It's a new year and like the rest of the world, I'm hoping that the chaos of the last two years slides away gracefully. Luckily, the entertainment industry is continuing on with protocols in place and many people have gotten their boosters for extra immunity. Here's to hoping!

Now, because I love to keep this site updated, here are a few things going on lately:

At the start of the year, I reached out to CA Talent, a management company that repped a few friends of mine. I clicked with Christina Scott right away and we decided to work together. Through her expertise, kindness, and persistence, I've received more auditions than I could have dreamed of!

Yesterday, I filmed a 1950's/1980's horror film in Long Beach, CA. I played a teenage Punky, who is the innocent, trusting, and curious friend of four girls. *Spoiler Alert* She dies first by means of having a skull repeatedly smashed into her own. It was a lot of fun. I hadn't been in a horror since my early acting years and usually I was the one doing the killing. Oh how the murderous tables have turned...

In other news, my co-director/co-writer and I announced our official casting choices for "ART" a short comedic film we are creating. We went through hundreds of submissions through Actors Access, so many tapes, and met wonderful actors through the callback process. It was very difficult to choose, and it taught be a lot as an actor how much is really out of your hands. This film will start shooting next month and I'll post behind the scenes photos on my Instagram (@SerenaKashmir).

I just got new headshots through Vanie Poyey Photography. Joe Hubbard was the photographer. Here are some of my favs! (Click the right arrow to see all 5)

Be sure to keep in touch through social media or here on my website.

Until next time!


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