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Amazon Prime and the Montreal International Film Festival

Some AMAZING news!! Despite the perils of 2020, two films I was apart of have managed to find their way to success.

One, "Deathwell" has been placed on Amazon Prime and is ready for your immediate viewing. It was my first feature film and I am delighted to have played a cult leader who opens and closes the film. The logline is as follows: Unsuspecting citizens become enemies of the state in this pre-apocalyptic noir. Directed and written by Ethan Allen and DP'd by Ken Franklin, this story is sure to throw you for a loop.

The other film, "Hoof," was just accepted into the Montreal International Film Festival! Neil Ferron and Sarah Pierpont created an amazing story about the "unpopular girl" seeking revenge pig-style...hence the title. I, of course, played the weirdo seeking revenge and was delighted that director, Neil, inspired me to go to my most awkward and deranged self. What I love about this film is how heartfelt the characters are underneath. I've always leaned towards absurd humor with a hidden truth, and this project fell right into that pocket. Furthermore, Panavision interviewed Sarah about her vision and you can read that here.

Through the ups and downs of the acting biz, it's gratifying to see an audience response to the projects worked on, so thank you for supporting and watching.

- Serena

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