Questions & Scheduling:

Home Organizing

Do you have stuff everywhere? Have going through it on your to-do list, but keep procrastinating? I will go through your closet, drawers, or any other space to organize your things and give them a functional purpose to your life again.

Once, items have been grouped based on purpose, likeness etc, then it is time to give them a permanent home. I can use any organizing systems you already have, or I can shop at the store for new organizers, shelving, and more to free up space and properly store your things.


Let's chat about your organizational needs and get this mess fixed!

What to Expect

Step 1.

I assess how large the area and the level of mess. I'll take photos and measurements. 

Step 2.

I'll take everything out and sort items by type. This creates a bigger mess, but don't worry its just temporary :)

Step 3.

You and I will discuss what can be thrown out, donated, etc. The more you are willing to part with, the easier it is to make things look nice. The idea is to keep the things that bring JOY to your life and part with the rest. This can be difficult for some, but also liberating. I will never get rid of anything without your permission.


Step 4.

I go to work organizing your items. If we decide that organizational tools such as bins, trays, dividers etc are needed, then you or I can purchase these items. If I purchase them, then you will need to reimburse me. If you have Amazon Prime, that is often the easiest, but I am open to other options as well. 


Step 5.

We take "after" photos and do a happy dance! 





A few notes:

- My organizational services are $18/hr. I take cash, Venmo, Apple Pay, and Zelle. This must be paid at the end of each day I am working.

- Projects vary in length based on size of the area, amount of mess/items, and any surprises. Typically 1-5 eight hour days is usual. 

- If bugs or rodents (droppings included) are seen, I will stop working. Once proper extermination has been performed, I will return. 

- My schedule fills up quickly, and if I am not organizing, I am probably on a film set. This means that I am often unable to take phone calls during the day and email or text is the best way to reach me (323-794-6668).